Sarah Calvert Septic/Septex provides a full range of consultation service whether purchasing an undeveloped lot or tract, planning site improvements, or determining why an existing system does not work.

Consultations can assess if the system is working properly, requires repair or replacement, or just needs a “tune-up”.  A consultation can also determine if a planned improvement or enlargement to the residence can be performed.

In either case it will be necessary to access existing records to determine what components are present, and their size and location.  Once the records are available a plan of action can be developed for repair or replacement, or for addition of improvements or building area.  Permits may be required for construction of improvements or new OSSFs, or for some type of repair.  Pumping may be required to assess internal conditions or access tank interiors.

Planning an addition or improvement requires a site plan with location of both existing and planned improvements.  Pools, decks, fences new foundations, sprinkler systems, outbuildings, driveways, etc. require setbacks and may not be located over septic components.  Septic components cannot be physically relocated without an approved OSSF permit and development permit.  Pool and sprinkler companies often cut and cap drainfields or move components to the detriment of the OSSF.  Permits are required for these types of improvements not only to prevent damage to the septic system components but also to avoid placement in a flood plain, easement or environmentally restricted area.

Diagnosing septic malfunctions will require the tank(s) to be exposed and opened for inspection.  Pumping may be required during this process.  The drainfield will also be tested.  Systems with pumps or compressors may require replacement of those components before testing can proceed.  Failed drainfields can often be repaired for 10 to 20% of the cost of replacement systems and add 5 to 10 years to the life of the system.  Each system is unique in the way it is site and constructed on a lot and the way it has been operated and maintained.

Contact Sarah Calvert Septic or Septex for additional information regarding repairs to failed drainfields or consultations.

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